Bike Heights

This taskforce is focusing on making Haddon Heights more bike-friendly.  This includes having bike lanes created and having more bike racks throughout the community.


This taskforce is currently exploring ways to encourage more recycling by residents.  This includes promoting recycling events (electronics drop-off and paper shredding, for example) throughout the Borough and Camden County, and raising awareness of recycling in general.

SolSmart Community

In cooperation with Sustainable Jersey, Haddon Heights is attempting to become nationally recognized as a SolSmart Community by encouraging and enabling solar energy throughout the Borough.  Sustainable Haddon Heights needs your assistance to review current codes and practices and make recommendations for our Planning Board and Council to consider.

Sustainable Schools

In cooperation with Haddon Heights Parent Teacher Group, this taskforce is working on having all Haddon Heights schools certified as Sustainable Schools.  One activity in particular that needs your assistance is the Safe Routes to School initiative.

Waste Reduction

This taskforce is developing educational materials and programs to encourage residents to reduce waste.  Particular areas of focus include reducing water usage and landfill usage (consider composting your leaves and grass clippings).